In 2006, we just graduated. Part of us were still students, or some team members just started working. In Taiwan, the Advantech Educational Foundation has held a grand entrepreneurship competition called TIC100 Entrepreneurship Competition that has persisted for many years. Although it's not my first time to participate in the TIC100, it will be my last. At the same time, we won the best ranking since participating in the competition. It was the only first prize in the biomedical category that year.

I will always remember that the final section of this competition was held at the Jiantan Youth Activity Center in Taipei. Before the final presentation, our professional mentors were still coaching us how to improve the presentation and our materials. The team stayed up all night until the cock crowed. I remember that when I was on stage in the final, my speech was not good, and the results of the competition came out, and the evaluation was also polarized. But this competition started my "acoustic" life, and I abandoned "semiconductor" and stepped into the "sound field".

During the competition, some members of our team are now well-known figures in the industry, and some have made their way abroad and contributed their efforts in the financial circle of Wall Street. Some of the mentors became our friends. In the initial stage of work, they expanded the field of my scientific research topic. Although it was sad to heard that some teachers had passed away, they gave us the exchange of ideas and stimulation during this period, and taught us a beautiful lesson. "Teachers", thank you for enlightening us, and I am also grateful for the persistence of the organizers, so that young students can have a first taste of the beauty and work together as an "entrepreneurial team" in this step.


In 2008, I was just admitted to Cheng Kung University's doctoral program in electrical engineering, and I was immersed in the joy of return of the student status. With a student card, you can become an "old student" again, and go back to the innocence and beauty school life.

Since my college days, I have loved being an ecological volunteer, which has become a good excuse to get in touch with nature. Leading explanations, field investigations, education and training, open the eye to understand the ecological environment and make friends

Therefore, visiting the tribes, getting in touch with nature, and being keen on mountaineering activities are the good reasons for returning to school. To embrace the outdoors with integrity.

I was supposed to submit a proposal to a creative competition related with the future technology. Unfortunately, my submit was rejected. So I rewrite the story of submit as a novel.

Unexpectedly, as a doctoral student, I cannot make a research prototype to participate in the school competition. I can only rely on writing novels to brag, dream, and write a virtual story to participate in the competition. In the end, the prototype of the story is embedded in my heart. The branding has quietly and subtly changed life. Recently, when I picked up this novel again. I realized that what I wrote was not a novel, but a dream.